Stevie Maxx started as a drummer in a schoolband. He got is musicality from his hals Indonesian / Dutch father who played as a guitar player in a band named ,,Hot, Cool Company''. Stevie Maxx was regularly with his father and his band when they were playing in his place of living Nieuwegein and he played the drums a lot. Hey liked it very much so he got a mini drumkit and he broke it very often. His school teacher who gave music lessons saw his musicality very soon and offered him to play a Hawaiian ,,Ukulele''. That instrument became a part of him and so he played on it during shows at school. Specially at the dutch Saint Nicolas celebration.



His former neighbour advised him to buy a soundmixer machine to practise his singing talent. He also lent him records of Elvis Presley so he could sing along. Stevie Maxx bought the machine and sang along with Elvis and some songs of Dutch famous singer Gerard Joling. Elvis Presley was his idol. In his youth he wanted to be an Elvis look a  like so he dressed himself like the KING.


He played the drums again when he went to college. Later on his grandpa and grandma bought him a proffesional drumkit, he was very proud. He took some lessons at the school of music but when he found out it was necessary to read notes, it became too difficult so he quit the lessons. He started to play the drums in a schoolband. With some friend from school he played at proms and other parties. One of his friends was a drummer too so Stevie Maxx offered to sing something when he wanted to play the drums and so he sang for the first time in front of a live audience at a schoolparty. Specially the Glenn Medeiros song ,,Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You'' was a great succes. Suddenly many girls adored him.            


When his grandma who passed away this year 2007 became 65 years old, the family created a family band with uncles and cousins. They wanted to surprise their grandma and mother with live music on an unexpected birthday party. Stevie Maxx was the drummer. His family is very musical and there was a cousin who also played the drums so Stevie Maxx offered again to vary singing with playing the drums. Stevie Maxx sang different songs. Later on he performed as Stevie Wonder and he sang ,,I Just Called To Say I Love You''. His family got very entousiast so they gave him up for a talenscouting show in the same week after the party. The show was in Nieuwegein.



Stevie Maxx who was very shy in the beginning...suddenly he got the courage to enter the stage. His first talentscouting show was in his place of living Nieuwegein and he had to compete with experienced singers. He got the second place and won 200 Dutch guilders cash and a cup. The winner was a singer from Luxemburg and the second place was singer Ilse de Lange from Almelo the place where most of Stevie's family lives. He was so proud that he didn't want to play the drums anymore and so he decided to focus on his singing career. To get more experience he did many talentscouting shows and he won very often. He did the shows just for experience and criticue, not for winning the shows. He liked it when he often met the same people at the shows. Ilse de Lange became a good competitor and both ended very high everytime and got many prices like money, trips, holidays etc.... People liked the clothes he wore.


Marco Borsato inspired him to design his own stage clothes and so he did. In spite of a flu he had once he won a talentshow in Alkmaar with Marco Borsato as jury.

When he was doing a talentshow in Amersfoort he met a producer who wanted to record a cd, so in a soundstudio he sang his first single. He recorded a song about poor children called ,,Take My Hand''. Vivian Boelen lent her voice for the record. The song was played on many radio stations like Radio Noordzee. Gaston Starreveld had an interview with Stevie Maxx. There was a release party to present the record and many important people from the press came to the party. Singer Oscar Harris did the presentation. He gave the first copy to Stevie Maxx.



They thought about a stagename for Steve. His birthname is Steven Bé and friends called him Stevie B. That was the name he used the first period. Unfortunately there was already another singer from America working with the same name so Stevie had to change his name. He removed the ,,B'' and sang as Stevie. Later on he realised his musicality came from his father Max Bé and so he decided to use his fathers name in his own stagename. His full name is Steven John Maximilliaan Bé and there's also the name Max so he chose for stagename Stevie Maxx with 2 XX.


During shows Stevie Maxx was invited by producers to sing songs in studios. This was a nice opportunity to get more experience in recording studios in spite of the songs were no hits at all. Many interested people from the press wanted to kwow everything about Stevie Maxx and published him at the cover of many newspapers.

HERE tot listen to a compilation he recorded in many studios before he took some singing lessons. There are existing songs and new songs and even cartoon songs. Stevie Maxx was jamming a lot with his good friend Eric Borgers ( musician at the academy of music in Hilversum) in the studio in Blaricum.

After a long holidaytrip in America Stevie Maxx was told by a good friend Mariette Smeele that famous singer Gerard Joling recorded ,,Take My Hand'' on his own album. Stevie Maxx was in a shock. He was with Mariette present on many shows of Gerard and adored his very high unique voice. With Mariette he collected pictures of Gerard Joling and put them everywhere on the walls and doors. They were impressed of his way of entertaining. Regularly Stevie Maxx sang along with songs and developed his own voice a bit higher. Stevie Maxx gave a single to Gerard to thank him for the inspiration and so he recorded the same song himself. When the press found out both singers got an article in a magazine called ,,WEEKEND''. Later on Gerard called Stevie in the middle of the night to tell how it all happened. The two singers meet each other often.

HERE to listen to a fragment of ,,Take My Hand'' from Stevie Maxx. Click HERE for the Gerard Joling version.



He closed the chapter talenscoutingshows and focused himself on a professional singing career. He took a view singing lessons from teacher George Webb. This man was very impressed and demanded Stevie Maxx to stop the lessons because he said Stevie is a natural talent so it's senseless to pay for lessons he don't need. So he quit after a couple of breath control lessons. His teacher wanted to see many shows very willingly. Unfortunately the good man died and cannot follow his shows anymore.

Stevie Maxx had to go in the army but because of his music he got permission to quit the army. He was in the army for only 9 days in the barracks in Vught.


Bookings and orders were coming and so he met one of the biggest managers and owner of a big booking agency Jan Vis. This man believed in Stevie Maxx and gave him a booking contract for 3 years. He organised shows like the Radio 10 Gold Roadshow. There were many recording sessions with producers. Robert Jan vd Toorn, sun of party singer Sugar Lee Hooper produced a song with Stevie Maxx in Hamburg Germany with other famous producers who did productions for The Backstreet Boys. Stevie Maxx could get a MEGA deal but because he had a contract with Jan Vis he could not go for it. The company in Germany had it's own bookings agency so they wanted to take Stevie away from Jan Vis but that was not possible.



After a while the collaboration was ended. The bookings and orders were still coming

Stevie Maxx was on stage regularly after his experience he got from the talentscouting shows. He also did some photoshoots for a magazine called WEEKEND in a collumn ,,Ingrid''. Press photographer Erico van der Horst ( also ex manager of the formation Re-play and now of his own sun and singer Erico Lekato ) did his best to promote Stevie Maxx for acquaintance and he took him everywhere he could voluntarily. He wanted people to see Stevie Maxx so he took some pictures for the magazine.

People asked for Stevie Maxx more and more and he traveled through the country and sang with other famous artists like Gordon, René Froger, Gerard Joling, Marco Borsato etc.



Big radiostations invited him for an interview and he sang live ,,On Air'' very often with or without an audience in the studio. When he sang the song ,,Hurt'', in Vara's Dubbelisious show, people got enthousiastic. Stevie Maxx got many nice reactions and followed the musical path with his two feet on the ground. He knew how to interest people and many yelling girls asked for a signature. In his place of living Nieuwegein the craziness began. Girls knew where he was living and some gave him presents and loveletters. Stevie Maxx knew it for shure....he wants to be an artist.



Stevie Maxx became a real artist but he sees himself as somebody who sings songs and not as an artist. He likes to sing but with no intension to be famous. Singing for an audience is nice, specially when you get good reactions. People treat you like a star but you're nothing more than other people. There are plumbers and carpenters and I'm a singer is what he sais. Many people asked him to sing.



He did many promotion shows and made some photocards to give away. People asked for a signature and did many strange things to get in the picture. It went so bad that Stevie Maxx had to change his phonenumber. Girls were calling him many times. His parents went crazy because happy girls called and hung up the phone without talking, they were only laughing.




While Stevie Maxx did the Radio 10 Gold Roadshows, he met Michel Houtenbos who was interested in Stevie's backing tracks. They met each other and shared some studio tracks. Stevie was told that Michel was a employee in the media world as a sound technician in Hilversum. He sometimes sang at parties. Stevie's mother read a newspaper with an announcement. Producers were searching for 3 boys for a new act. Stevie Maxx was not interested to be a part of a boyband but thought about introducing Michel and maybe there was something else for himself. The two boys went to the studio to meet the producers in Putten.

These guys were very impressed but they only wanted to do the project. They were creating an act like ,,No Mercy'' with good looking boys. The production team saw in them the perfect group and searched for one more boy to join the act. Stevie Maxx was not interested but after a long conversation he decided to join the act for his new friend Michel. But under one condition, he wanted to be the leadsinger and he wanted to do his normal shows as a solo singer.

Many boys came for an audition and there was Roger Simpson a good looking boy from Waalwijk. This guy was perfect for the act. Beside being a solo singer Stevie Maxx now joins the new act ,,Encore''. As Encore the boy formation recorded a cd and so the single ,,Let Me Hold You Tight'' was released.


The song goes in the charts and Encore got shows. The MEGA Festatie was one big show, teenagers from all around the Netherlands came to see the spectacle. This was a good opportunity to get experience for a big adience and show the dance moves. They liked the group. Michel had his contacts and leads us to many TV programs. like: Telekids, Koffietijd, Staatsloterijshow, Foxkids, 5 in het Land. The boy formation became a big succes and so Stevie Maxx had to go back to the studio to record more songs.



They recorded more songs and they were planning an album. Things were getting very hectic around Encore and they had a lot of fans. After the MEGA Festatie in Utrecht they did a tour The Malibu Mega Party. This became a succes also.



This was a nice tour and there was always the same team. This show was booked in almost all dutch clubs. Cousin Dave Trefflich was the driver, he drove Encore to all the shows. They traveled a lot and came back home very early in the mornings. Michel was living in Castricum, Roger in Waalwijk, Stevie Maxx in Nieuwegein and Dave himself in Dongen so he had to drive a lot each time. But he liked it very much because they were very close. Mostly Roger fell asleep. Like every act, this act ended also and Stevie Maxx left the group and Roger gave dancing lessons to his own students of is class. Michel stayed in the group. He did the act with our manager and two other boys. Stevie Maxx went solo again and so he got new offers and bookings. He worked with another booking agency. This agency organized a performance in the TV program The Bassment from Mental Theo on TMF.


The Malibu MEGA team was sad about the end of Encore and put Stevie Maxx solo on their show. There still were many shows and Stevie Maxx did the shows. His cousin Dave drove him to all the shows. They came home late very often and they were eating snacks at the petrol station regular. Sometimes Dave had to pick up dansers in Beverwijk first and then he had to drive to Nieuwegein and Maastricht and backwards. Dave amused himself very much with the team. Steve and Dave had a great time with singer and presenter NANCE.


The MEGA shows were finished and Stevie Maxx kept singing and performing. There came many new shows and events. Even in old peoples houses etc... He also sang in Villa Pardoes in Kaatsheuvel for sick children and their family. This is a house made for people who will die soon of a disease. They can stay in the house for one week with their family and there are many nice things to do in the house. There's a lot of entertainment. Stevie Maxx was asked to sing there and so he did. Normal he won't do benefit shows because he knows some will use the name to get more people. If he does these benefit shows it has to be big and with other famous artist, then he'll know it's serious. It was very nice in Villa Pardoes in spite of there were only a view persons. They were all thankful. Stevie was told by a girl that her sister died but that she had a great time with Stevie Maxx when he was singing in the villa. That's why you do it.....


Beside singing on these locations there are also parties with a theme like a Ladies Night. With a friend and some stripdansers he entertains girls and ladies. He sings different songs from Dutch party songt till R&B, Dance, Rock & Roll and so on. Mostly he sings various songs so people can hear all kinds of genres. He gets bookings for Rock & Roll parties, back to the 80's parties etc...He likes to do crazy things like singing with an afro wig on his head.


Stevie Maxx is very allround so they like to book him at every party. Beside the act he does with DJ Maurice and DJ Yorit as ,,Summerlove'' he has been asked for other projects also. In January 2008 he's going to record a cd single and he works together wit Mr.Z. This artist is famous and people know him from the hit ,,Earth Angel''. Many nice things are going to happen next year. This site is made by Stevie Maxx and a friend and producer Brad Grobler, the man who produced BIG hits from Dance Nation and others. The two work nice together.