STEVIE MAXX ( Summerlove ), knows how to entertain the audience and that's why people like his shows. There's a party wherever he is and people like the way he performs. After his function as a drummer in a school band he decided to start singing and developed himself as a vocal artist.


In 1999 he was the lead singer of a three men boy formation ,,Encore''. This formation released a single with record company CNR / ARCADE named ,,Let Me Hold You Tight''. They performed in many dutch TV shows like; Telekids, Foxkids, Koffietijd, 5 in het land, and Het Staatslot op lokatie. A lot of people watch these programs daily. There were very good reactions after the shows.

In the year 2000 Stevie Maxx decided to sing solo again. His repertoire consists of most recent TOP charts hits and songs in music styles like; R&B, Dance, Disco, Classics, Swing & Soul music. He also sings après ski and Dutch party songs, Caribbean songs, Rock & Roll and so on. Different party concepts is what he does continuously, especially the most wanted Ladies Nights. In studio's he worked with top producers from The Backstreet Boys, 2 Unlimited. With DJ Maurice from the famous après skihut in Rotterdam ( Holland ), he recorded any songs en now he does the LIVE act Summerlove ( known from the international hits ,,Remember hey nanana yeah'' & ,,Dance On The Beach)''.


The act stands for 30 minutes party time with nice danceable up-tempo songs.

As Summerlove he travels around the world with dancers and a DJ. So the act did already gave shows in countries such as Romania, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia. Coming shows are in France, Brazil, Colombia, Canada.. Remixes of the song ,,Remember'' (now named after the act Summerlove) go up in the international charts very fast. So they have to visit many other countries. Time after time different countries invite Summerlove to give shows in clubs at concerts next to international MEGA stars. And because of the good reactions they will be booked in the same countries more than once. So they go to Portugal, Russia, Spain, Romania frequently.


Solo Stevie Maxx did shows in TV programs like ,,The Bassment'' on TMF. Now he's busy with all kinds of musical activities and he's singing in other countries also. Even in the Caribbean islands and Indonesia and Turkey. Beside singing on stage he can be booked for studio sessions for demo's, commercials, jingles, new songs, backing vocals, duets, video's and many other...

More information you can find by clicking the Contact or Post address button on this site. Stevie Maxx or Summerlove can be booked by clicking the bookings page button. Summerlove can be booked for 30 minutes or more, with or without dancers and a DJ. Stevie Maxx can be booked for 30 minutes or more, solo or with a Ladies Night.