STEVIE MAXX performs also as the act Summerlove. Known from the international hits Remember (Nanana hey) & Dance On The Beach. This act travels all around the word to do shows in clubs, events and concerts next to international MEGA stars. Summerlove did already perform in Portugal, Spain, Romania, Sweden, Russia etc.. and there will follow many more countries like France, Brazil, Colombia.


The USA and Canada are interested so soon the act Summerlove will go there for a visit. Summerlove is made up by DJ Maurice en DJ Yorit who met each other in 2001 in Spain. They decided to produce a new record in the studio together. They came up to remake Sunclub's Fiesta but then with english and spanish lyrics and an easy to sing melody. And so the song ,,Remember'' ( hey nanana yeah ) was born.

In the beginning the song was unknown but DJ's discovered the song and played it more often. DJ Frank from Belgium did make another remake of Fiesta with another melody and he called the song ,,Summerjam 2003''. In the same year the song became a BIG international summer hit performed by The Underdog Project. And so Remember gets more attention and goes up in the MEGA 50.


The song became a hit in countries like Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Spain. Because people asked for the LIVE act at the end of 2004, DJ Maurice and DJ Yorit decided to create one. and called the act ,,Summerlove''. At the same moment they were recording songs in the studio with Stevie Maxx. They asked him to represent the live act on stage and so he said yes immediately. In a while the act was ready to do shows. Instantaniously the second single was released called ,,Dance On The Beach''. In clubs this song was played a lot.


In front of 10.000 people, Summerlove performed for the first time at the Go Après Ski in Den Bosch ( The Netherlands ) in november 2004. Three days after their first show they went to Portugal for a couple of shows in different clubs. This was an enormous succes, so they had to go back to do more shows in Portugal with international artists like ,,Lumidee'' from New York.

Straight after that they went to Romania with DJ Maurice. Because of the succes from former shows, in January and Febuary 2005 they did another tour in Spain and Portugal. In April there were shows in Romania ( Bucarest ) again and also Sweden in the places Stockholm and Gothenborg. You can see one of the shows on the demopage on this site..


At this moment remixes of Remember ( now named after the act Summerlove ) are released in different countries all over the world. People react positively and there are even reactions from New York and Canada, Buenos Aires, Colombia, The Caribbean, Brazil etc..

There are many invitations now and the first coming shows are in June and August in Russia. Last time in Russia in January it was very cold, hopefully the outside temperature is better this time. We'll see but it's gonna be a big party anyway. It's alway a big happening to sing in other countries. What the remixes do this time is a big surprise but we always hope for the best......